About Us

Fortified by over 80 years of experience and a strong team of more than 375 employees, Summers-Taylor is a leading materials producer and heavy construction contractor.

Letter from the Chairman of the Board:

  “Quality Is Our Shield.”      

TRBA-RAB-web.jpgQuality has been our driving force since 1932. My grandfather, Lines R. Taylor, had that vision of quality. Joined by my father, Robert W. Summers, after World War II, these two men grew the company based on a mission of providing quality workmanship at a reasonable price. 

Based in Northeast Tennessee, we obtained one of the first licenses – number 00000069 – issued by our state to work on important construction projects.  

With this heritage comes responsibility. Our reputation for delivering quality work has been built by three generations of leadership over more than seven decades. We believe quality is about smart budgeting, being sensitive to the environment, and caring for the communities and residents where we work.  

While we maintain one of the most modern, well-maintained fleets of equipment in the industry, we believe our people – many of whom have been with us for decades – are our most important asset. Each one of us recognizes that the Summers-Taylor logo stands for quality every day we’re on the job. 

Let my company show you what a difference a dedicated group of professionals can make on your project. We pledge to do everything possible to bring the Summers-Taylor quality to you.  



R.T. (Rab) Summers
Chairman of the Board