HydroFlo - Porous Asphalt

hydroflo-logo.pngSummers-Taylor is also on the cutting edge of pavement technology through its offering of porous asphalt as an option for developers and planners. We call our product HydroFlo, due to its many attributes – which include being a “cooler,” greener asphalt pavement. 

Porous asphalt is a type of pavement construction that is open-graded on the surface with a stone recharge bed positioned underneath. When it rains, the water runs through the porous surface into the stone bed, then slowly infiltrates into the soil. This new technology is of great interest to site planners and public works departments across the country, because it eliminates the need for building costly storm-water management systems and detention basins.  

Porous asphalt allows for better use of land, reduces runoff, promotes infiltration, conserves water, cleans storm water, replenishes ground water (aquifers) and protects streams and lakes.