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Asphalt and Concrete Manufacturing

Summers-Taylor is recognized for its efficiency in providing high-quality asphalt and concrete products in extremely large volumes.

For our customers’ convenience, we operate 13 plants – four asphalt and nine concrete – located strategically in Carter, Washington, Hawkins, Unicoi, Hamblen, Sullivan Jefferson and Greene counties in Northeast Tennessee.

With expertise in manufacturing hot-mix and warm-mix asphalt, our projects range from simple resurfacing of residential driveways to major highway projects that cost millions of dollars. Our crews are experienced, always applying the most efficient and latest technologies to any project – particularly when addressing environmental issues and protecting workers and bystanders. 

In addition to meeting standard state and federal environmental regulations, we go a step further by recycling thousands of tons of reclaimed  asphalt and roofing shingles each year in our materials processing. We’re one of only a few resurfacing companies in Tennessee to offer warm-mix asphalt, which burns up to 15 percent less fuel than hot-mix processes and produces significantly fewer carbon emissions.

We’ve also integrated porous asphalt construction, one of the most innovative types of pavements available. This product, which we’ve branded as HydroFlo, is of particular interest to site planners and public works departments because it is considered environmentally “cooler” and eliminates the need for costly storm-water management systems and detention basins.


Asphalt Plant
Ready-Mix Concrete Plant

Our efforts to offer greener pavements can help builders and developers accrue LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credits (up to nine) on green building projects.