Job Description

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  • Maintain a healthy and safe working environment for employees.
  • Provide technical input to the exploration management plans, work procedures, reviews and agreements applicable to exploration activities.
  • Develop technical exploration strategies with regard for risks, timeframes and exploration potential.
  • Promote exploration strategies and gain management support for their implementation.
  • Analyze projects and provide recommendations for investment decisions.
  • Ensure that TheBuilt has the appropriate geological skills to carry out effective exploration.
  • Ensure that geology sub-disciplines (e.g. geophysics, geochemistry) are effectively utilized.


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  • Must have a postgraduate qualification in geology, possess depth of geological knowledge.
  • Working experience in leading mining global companies is a plus.
  • Strong field geology background combined with a proven track record in planning and executing exploration programs and discovering deposits.
  • Knowledge of modern resource calculation methods.
  • Knowledge of Russian government reporting standards.
  • Should have international and ability to work across diverse geographies and cultures; willingness to travel extensively.


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  • Work location – Rome, Italy
  • Full-time employment.
  • Competitive package of salary, benefits and annual bonus scheme.


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+1 628 123 4000


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