ST Logistics

ST Logistics

a division of Summers-Taylor, Inc.

ST Logistics is a new division within the Summers-Taylor family of companies.  Our primary function is to serve our customers as a trans-loading facility.  We specialize in offloading various items from rail cars or onto rail cars, trucking various items to and from customers for rail loading or unloading along with over 50k square feet of warehousing space.


Our truck fleet consists of several day cab trucks as well as several sleeper cabbed trucks.  We have a variety of trailers including flatbeds, vans, and pneumatic tankers.  Our fleet is meticulously maintained through an intense preventive maintenance program.  We cover the southeast region of the United States along with several runs to the northern states as well.

We have the capability to transport a variety of products with a strong emphasis on aggregates, steel, sodium bicarbonate, salts, and many other items as well.


We ship and receive various commodities and aggregates by coordinating trucking and rail to accommodate our customers’ needs.  We work closely with East Tennessee Railway as a short line company to allow service to both CSX and N/S.  This is a unique situation so we have the benefit of both rail carriers to serve our customers regardless of which rail line they use.  We have several current rail spurs on our site along with adjacent property to be able to expand our rail, trucking, and warehouse operations.


Our facility has over 50,000 square feet available for storage with ample room for expansion.  One of our facilities is equipped with 40′ ceilings that are suitable for large items.


We are very fortunate to be a part of the Summers-Taylor group of companies.  This gives us a virtually unlimited amount of resources as it relates to equipment.  We have cranes & forklifts of every size.

395 Steel Street Johnson City, TN 37604

Mailing Address:
600 Sevier Street Johnson City, TN 37604

423-262-8650 or 423-262-8660